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Zest, Xana, and the best passion Mojitos

The best place to get your Crocodile fix… and if you’re not exactly into crocodile meat, then you can have the best of anything and everything else. 🤤!!!

We had meals at Zest several times and we were not just pleased at their service. We were amazed.

They make the best Passion Mojitos. I will be going back for that when I am back in Livingstone.

The service is impeccable and the best thing about Zest is the Beautiful Xana. Xana Goodall, the owner of Zest, God bless her soul, was just phenomenon. Everyone in the LivingstoneTour crew was like, “Xana this, Xana that.” Up to this day we still talk about her and her team hospitality. With a personal touch, she makes all her Guests feel at home as the wait for their meal. They are simply the best!!

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6 thoughts on “Zest, Xana, and the best passion Mojitos

  1. Noel Ukwimi

    I would like to taste their crocodile meat especially the burger. Croc meat is delicious

  2. Peter

    I love Zest. It is better than Zambezi Cafe. I will be going there when i go back to Livingstone hopefully soon

  3. Anthony

    I love the way you write. I definitely need to try out that Croc Espatade. Will take my lady there when we go to Livingstone soon

  4. Grace Mwape

    Of all the posts I have seen on this website about food. I think this is the one that has made me want to go and eat at ZEST. Well written, probably written by someone with a god taste for great food.

  5. Teddy Longone

    Food is a big part of the travel and tourism industry. Its good Xana Godall has invested in the food business and good to see you guys supporting her.

  6. Kenny mapulanga

    Zest – xana is indeed the place to be, I will surely visit this place somewhere in October this year.

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