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This is a slow fashion movement with a mission of creating a meaningful industry for all the people involved. This is done by providing vocational training and viable job opportunities. Wayawaya in local language means “the art of wasting time”. This movement has been created to help women and girls living in poverty and also those who are unemployed to help them with the skills that can help them find a good living through the skills they acquire.

This movement has been in existence since 2013, the name Wayawaya came about because people used to laugh at these women saying they were just waisting there time (Wayawaya) but that didn’t stop the ladies.

During the Luvingstone tour, we visited the wayawaya shop at Jollyboys and we were able tosee the products that these wayawaya women make. They have beautiful handbags which are hand made by the Zambian women for women in Zambia. There products are sold locally and internationally, so let us support these women by buying there products who are helping themselves by coming up with this initiative which is a good thing because this simply means that they are creating employment for themselves and this will reduce levels of poverty in our country and also reduce the levels of enemployment. So when you are in Livingstone, find time to visit these wayawaya women and support them by buying one of there products.


21 thoughts on “Wayawaya

  1. Deborah

    It’s good to see women striving to make a better and decent life

  2. Collins

    Great initiative

  3. Michael

    Great entrepreneurial minds there

  4. Peter

    I will definately pass through there shop next time,,,these women need our support

  5. Veronica

    I will definately support them

  6. Pedro

    It’s good to see that women are coming up with such innovations and by doing so they are empowering themselves and this will help eradicate Poverty and reduce the HIV/AIDS Epedemic rate

  7. Lubona

    Wow i will be buying there products everytime i’m in Livingstone


    That’s good quality for a Zambian product, i love this. Keep it up.

  9. Pule

    lovely pieces, love that i can get them in Livingstone

  10. Lestaire kayz

    Great skills to learn

  11. Christine

    The bag is beautiful wow

  12. Emmanuel

    Beautiful hand made handbags

  13. Gershom

    Beautiful piece of information

  14. Mavis

    Well articulated and i’m happy to know about these women i will definately support them

  15. Mofya

    Quiet inspiring story

  16. Gwen

    Let us support these women before they go on the street

  17. Racheal

    Beautiful piece of information

  18. Dennis

    Women Empowerement i love this

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