Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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The Livingstone town tour that took us to see the old buildings some over a 100-year-old and of course the oldest chemist in Zambia, ended with a visit at the Jollyboys Backpackers. Well, we were not actually there for the backpackers, but the tour guide took us there to see something that is called waya waya.


Waya waya is a community project that makes a difference by providing vocational training, lifelong learning and sustainable work to Zambian women – both in handcraft and in life. They produce some of the most breathtaking handbag I have ever seen. We were privileged to hear stories of how this project is actually impacting people’s lives in and around Livingstone.


I would recommend you make a stop at Jolly Boys and ask for the waya waya shop. You may just pick up a real leather classic handbag. Thank me later.


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