Monday, December 16, 2019
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I am a fun-loving, caring, fully figured, 37 years old singer, actress, and vocal coach. I love and live life to the fullest, I fear nothing and no one but God because he is the one who has given me life and he has the power to take it, I am the 2nd born in a family of 3 (two girls and 1 boy), I am a mother to the most beautiful girl in the world and my goal is to be the best mother and mentor to my girl, I never get upset or angry easily and I am a very patient person, I don’t like people looking down on me and I love to mingle with people from all walks of life, I can be a very good friend and I am a good listener .


I love to travel and I love being on social media, I love singing it is a part of me as it allows me to be who I am, music is my life, I also love swimming


I’m very positive about life


I’m a people person, easily approachable

Hard working

Warm person


I am very emotional person, I am also very sensitive

Why am I on this show?

I am on this show because I want to sell my country to the world ,To show the world of the many different cultures that Zambia has to offer, off course to travel  and see for myself the many parts of my country that I have not yet been to and to learn the way of life of the other Zambian tribes, Zambia has a lot places that are so beautiful and yet not known, I feel I will be able to show  the beauty of my country even to my fellow Zambians using this platform, so that they know that one doesn’t  Have to travel out for a holiday because Zambia too has great holiday destinations, and finally  off course I want that money so that I can be able to give my child a decent life by investing it in a good business.

13 thoughts on “Viola Banda

  1. Linda Nanyinza

    This is a very nice show,All the best viola banda!

  2. KellyMoyo

    All the best viola Banda

  3. Sheba Chintu

    We got you Viola all the way until the end!!!!

  4. Katuta Sichilongo

    Firstly you are an amazing musician! I believe you will move mountains if you get this as we indeed do need to put Zambia on the map and this is a step closer!

  5. Bupe

    Much love Viola. All the best!!


    Beautiful inside out.

  7. musutu

    oh my darling viola am with you all the way

  8. Constance Dimingo

    We have never personally met but we have been friends on social media for the longest time and from that I can tell you are an amazing person. I am with you 100% because from this you do lies a deeper passion.

  9. Mainza Buumba

    Nice viola, all the best

  10. Mainza Buumba

    I love your strengths Viola Banda , strong african woman.
    For sure one doesn’t have to go outside Zambia to express a natural feel of relaxation.
    We have it all right here in Zambia…
    It takes a real cultured individual to appreciate tradition.
    I believe you are that person viola ,Mature mother figure . my vote goes to you.
    Zambia the Real Africa !!! Where you find true
    African women!! Well cultured, proud to be called a Zambian.
    Let’s appreciate our lands Beauty.
    Best wishes

  11. Ethel mwanza

    Very responsible lady

  12. Chillies

    The best candidate

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