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It turned out to be a sunny day as we prepared to go to the Victoria falls bridge that day, we had our breakfast at @Munga Echo lodge as me Viola and the guys had spent our night there.

Breakfast was excellent as usual this being our second day at the lodge.

It being a beautiful day I had pumped my self up for my very first encounter with Zambia’s very own natural wonder of the world the Victoria falls.

The bus drove the excited team of seven to @shearwater_bungee as the trip today was starting with Adrenalin activities.

Natasha the manager at Shearwater_bungee welcomed us with a smile and asked us what activities each of us would love to do, I quickly jumped on the opportunity as I’ve always wanted to do the bungee.

Natasha introduced us to Namu my name sake who had started to tell us about Georges C Imbault, the young gifted French engineer working with The Cleveland Bridge Company, Chief Construction Engineer on site of the bridge construction who up until now was tirelessly working on the bridge improvements in his office.

Namu told us how Mr Imbualt loves visitors and even at his old age he would love to tell us of how it was him coming to Zambia in 1903 and working on the Victoria falls bridge.

I remember thinking how old and frail he must be now at over 130 years old.

Namu insisted that he is energetic and healthy and she quickly lead us to a wood shelter where a man in suspenders and one of those old round safari hut’s sat in front of an engineering drawing, I couldn’t make out his face as I wanted to see Mr. Imbualt as we sat on the benches Namu called out twice to Mr Imbualt who seemed hard of hearing and he answered her in a frail voice.
He was told he had visitors this lead him to get up excitedly to welcome us.
It was at the point of his turning to great us that I realized it was a dramatic performance put on by Namu and the dear Mr. Imbualt whose quick wit I found charming and entertaining.

Mr. Imbualt painted a word picture for us as he narrated how people in England doubted that his company would achieve contracting such a major feet like the Victoria falls bridge, on such a low budget.

He told us that his company had constructed the whole bridge in Darlington England and knocked down then shipped to Zambia in pieces.

When work finally started on the bridge, the men carried their tools in buckets of water to avoid them being to hot in the Zambian sun.
He talked about his friend with a nervous disposition whom they made to dance on the table at a the only 5 star hotel in the area at the time and he also spoke fondly about the Zambian women.

The dramatisation of the construction of the Victoria falls bridge, is only the fist part of the bridge tour believe me you will feel like you where there in 1903s Livingstone. Make sure you don’t miss out on it.
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  1. Jonathan kaela

    Hauntings kalunga

  2. Jonathan kaela

    Namutenga kalunga sakapila is doing it for me

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    Viola did it!! I am inspired to do it too!!

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    well articulated….i am so coming to do the bungee jump😎,

  6. Kennedy

    Thank you for the enlightment Namutenga. Because of you I now have a date with this place. Victoria falls bridge here I come!

  7. Claudia Nkhata

    Awesome! I guess the adventure is in overcoming the fear of height that most of us usually have. I hope you keep notes in your note book because I will certainly be calling you for recommendations each time I need to travel down south. Keep these memories, above all enjoy yourself Namutenga!

  8. Brichons

    Written with the feel of enjoyment. Nice one!

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    Nice article written with such magnetism to tempt to go to the falls bridge.


    😍so proud of u,my bigger bosele…πŸ˜‚
    Its seemed so scary before,but looking at u do it…I will do itπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜..umwenso ine iyeee…Lol,but from what I’ve read,I will gather some courage and do it anyway….😨…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#voteteamkopala#votenamutenga πŸ’ž

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    great piece my buddy, go girl proud of you…mwanaKopala

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    wow thank you for this Article Namutenga doing a great job, surely this gives me an idea of my next stop for the Anniversary, go girl TeamKopala all the way

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    Well written, the descriptions are enticing. I want to see and experience for myself.

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    I love the site on any given day.

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