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AGE: 32

QUALIFICATIONS: B.A Development Studies

OCCUPATION:  Entrepreneur


FAVORITE QUOTE: “If you have nothing good to say, say nothing”


FEARS: Spiders


WHO AM I?   A weird mix of loud, giggly and fun loving, with quiet moments, sober mood and observant.


Over all I live for fun and laughter, yes YOLO, takes too much energy to be bitter and angry and you tend to miss the beauty of life. Live in the moment but do not be reckless. Hence, fun and adventure with a limit.


I love travelling and meeting people, there is always something new to be learnt. I love basketball, food, music of all genres especially gospel, love dancing, self-taught swimmer (yea am proud of that), I push on, I may fall but I always get up.


I love family; my mom is definitely the best, my brothers are wacky and my sisters are calm, they actually delineate me.


WHY THIS SHOW? : I stumbled onto the show at the right time, with my newfound interest in tourism. I plan to be a tour operator one day and what better way to usher myself into the tourism world than this show. I count this a rare opportunity to grow and break new ground. I have multicultural sensitivity and respect so drop in any environment, I will adapt and respect their culture and practices.


I know Zambia has vast untapped beauty, in heritage, culture, adventure and wildlife and this show will remind our people and the world what a beautiful country we have. We can certainly make Zambia a dream honeymoon or holiday destination that becomes a “must do” bucket list.


STRENGHTS: I love socializing, working with people to achieve grand results; I appreciate and respect all people. I am always up for new experiences. While I have my beliefs I have an open mind and I do not give up I see things through to the very end even when it is hard to.


WEAKNESSES: I have a sharp sarcastic tongue that tends to escape me at times.

11 thoughts on “Velelapi Lungu

  1. Muhanya

    Congratulations dear you have my support

  2. Diana Namuyemba

    Go girl

  3. Caesar

    Keep working hard and the crown will be yours

  4. Patricia Banda

    Go my Girl

  5. Frank

    Goooo Vel!! You already have my support! And I hope you’ll win this show…!

  6. Catherine Lubasi

    Go Vel

  7. Musa

    I have your back.

  8. Maurice

    You can do it vel go for it

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