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The Railway and Jewish Museum

The Railway museum was officially opened by Dr Kenneth Kaunda in 1987. The museum was created in dedication of preserving the Zambia’s Railway heritage.

This was also the main station for the Zambezi sawmill hence the station was built because of the high demand of timber, both locally and internationally. All operation offices where built of Timber . The main purpose of the museum is to show and educate, how the Zambezi somill existed and operated.
Besides the Railway museum is the Jewish museum. The Jewish museum is more of offering an insight to Livingstone’s Jewish community, who settled in the 1890’s through South Africa after fleeing persecution from Lithuania.

I found these two museums to be very educative as there history is something we get to read about in our academic history books. To all those who would be having a school trips, these two museums would be very ideal as they have so much history which is very applicable in our daily lives.


20 thoughts on “The Railway and Jewish Museum

  1. Brian Nyoni

    Gosh , had no idea it’s called Jewish or why . Now I know. Are the trains still functional? Wouldn’t mind a ride

    • Phebby Shangozi

      Hi Brian Nyoni, it’s called Railway museum but right there there is also a Jewish museum. The trains at the museum are nolonger functional

  2. Naomi

    This must be in the education syllambus since these two museums are very education and there history is very applicable to our daily lives,,,Very educative article keep it up girl

  3. Mary

    Wow i must visit these two museums

  4. Chilufya Buhari

    In my city in Luanshya, we have quiet a lot of Jews perhaps i should visit this Jewish museum so that i can get to know more about there history

  5. Dorcas

    In Kabwe where i come from we have the railway station which is like headquarters for teh Zambia railways it’s good we have a museum for the Railways too

  6. Mataa

    This is my first time to hear of the Railway and Jewish museum i must visit these two museums

  7. Martha

    Amazing article

  8. Wow our beautiful history ,we need to preserve such information so that our children’s children will learn of it .

  9. Mable

    It’s good these two museums were created this will help in preservation of history

  10. Amazing museums,i have to visit and experience

  11. Michael

    This is my first time to hear such a Railway existed in our land. Thanks to you our researcher that you made us know about this.


    Man, i didn’t know about this place. So Livingstone is not all about the Falls after all…..Beautiful!

  13. Dodo

    Wow just beautiful

  14. James

    Wow Livingstone is packed with so much great places to visit wow

  15. Leo

    I will put it in my diary need to visit these places too

  16. Mapalo

    Zambia Railways is one of the biggest companies Zambia has ever had and it has positively contributed to the growth of our economy….it’s good they have come up with this museum so that the Railway industry can be appreciated

  17. Benjamin

    Beautiful piece of information

  18. Chitalu

    Added to my to visit places next time i’m in Livingstone

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