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Art is part of our daily life and culture, as we are known as a continent of great artists. This time i would like to drive your attention to one specific place in Zambia’s tourist capital(Livingstone) known as National Arts Gallery. This place has been in existence since 2014 and the purpose of its existence is to create a platform where artists of all ages both male and female, local and international can showcase their talent.

The Livingstone Art Gallery is run by the National Arts Council of Zambia through the Southern Province Branch of the Zambia National Visual Arts Council. It provides a modern space for exhibitions of contemporary Zambian art.This also provide a chance for amateur artists to exhibit and sale their products.

Most of the artworks exhibited at the gallery are for sale and the gallery from time to time hold different arts programmes; including local and international group and solo art exhibitions.Every year they have annual exhibition for Children which are not sold but adults paintings are sold.

Find time to go and satisfy your artistic appetite, the works in this place are so amazing. And the entrance is FREE for both local and international tourists.


32 thoughts on “The National Art Gallery

  1. chilufya mulenga

    National Arts Gallery sounds like one exciting place to visit.

  2. The art works looks so amazing, considering that entry is free I will just go with my whole family we satisfy our love for art and nature.

  3. Ned Kipps

    Zambia 🇿🇲 the real Africa

  4. OLIVE

    I didn’t know that such a place existed…with my interest in art i just have to visit the place…

  5. Dorcas

    The way i love Art…i will definately visit this place

  6. Mataa

    It’s FREE to enter wow…i’m definately going there next time i’m in Livingstone

  7. Elbie

    I didn’t know that in Livingstone they do have an Art Gallery too…interesting to know

  8. Namongolwa

    The way i enjoy attending art exhibitions,,,i will definately attending one of there exhibitions

  9. Chunga

    Interesting to know

  10. Ruth

    I need to visit this place wow

  11. Peter

    Thanks for the information i will definately attend one of the arts programmes

  12. Kennah

    No better way of appreciating art and culture than creating more places of such a kind, thumbs up to Zambia National Arts Council

  13. Hope

    It’s amazing how come i have never heard of this place and yet i have been to Livingstone several times…next time i’m in

  14. Hope

    It’s amazing how come i have never heard of this place and yet i have been to Livingstone several times…next time i’m in Livingstone i’m definately visiting this place

  15. Yolantah

    Imagine i’m a Livingstone dweller and yet i have never been to this place, many thanks to your article i will definately find time to visit this place

  16. Racheal

    Wow amazing article

  17. Dan

    It’s amazing to see that the National Arts Council Of Zambia is expanding teh number of galleries in our country

  18. Chileshe

    As an artist i’m happy to know that we also have Gallery in Livingstone

  19. Gina

    It’s a good thing that things of such a nature are not only restricted in Lusaka, Bravo to Zambia National Arts Council

  20. Mable

    Bravo to National Arts Council for this gesture, we need more Galleries in the country

  21. Faith

    Bravo to National Arts Council Of Zambia, we need more galleries in the country

  22. Mulela

    It’s good to have a lot of place where Art can be appreciated

  23. Mulela

    It’s good to have a lot of places where art can be show cased and appreciated more

  24. gift phiri

    Beautiful art….. Zambia the real Africa

  25. Gershom

    Great piece of information

  26. Upale

    Great review of the place

  27. Shungu

    Proud of you girl

  28. Emmanuel

    Art helps healing our souls i will definately visit this place

  29. Chiko

    Congratulations to Zambia National Arts Council,,,this is beautiful

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