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The mighty Victoria falls, the smoke that thunders

Talk about the beauty of Zambia and the beauty of the tourist capital the first thing that will come on your mind is the might victoria falls. This is the right time to visit the 7th wonder of the world.

Prepare to GET WET at Victoria Falls in High Water… And you will surely know why it’s referred to as the SMOKE that thunders! Best time for Falls view at this time of the year is early morning before the wind picks up. The moment you get there you will realize how amazing the most high God is.

Most importantly you will feel the thunder and Enjoy! Make sure you visit the Vic falls and experience wonders on the falls including the deep boiling pot and knife bridge.


9 thoughts on “The mighty Victoria falls, the smoke that thunders

  1. Tawanda

    Wow nice no wonder it’s a wonder .. Can’t wait to visit

  2. Ruth

    Can’t wait to vist Vic dalks next week

  3. Fenasho

    Would love to visit this place. Jeff, when are you inviting us as Munis?

  4. Yande

    Nice thoughts….surely one of the great wonders of the world

  5. Fenasho

    I’m always amused by the history concerning the official naming of this world wonder. Did the Brits colonise it too?? Why isn’t it known by its original name, Mosi-o-tunya

  6. Cidzulo Chenda

    Livingstone is a great place to visit, this brings back so many memories

  7. Wasamunu

    Wow. Good write up. I will definitely find time to visit the falls again after reading this.

  8. Samba Boys

    I miss livingstone,Jeff tells me it is looking great.

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