Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Now here’s something worth coming to Livingstone for. The adrenaline pumping, heart pound experience of having to not only to touch but walk the majestic lions of Mukuni big five is an unforgettable experience.

Before seeing the lions, you are briefed on safety and terms of being in such close proximity of the king of jungle and certainly one of Africa’s big cats.

You are reminded that the lion is a wild animal and you need to pay close attention at all times and to maintain eye contact with the animal to show you recognise its presence and show respect to its being as a power animal. My blood went crazy!.my heart started to pound, I had to maintain calmness as there was a considerable number of people I couldn’t start acting crazy when everyone looked calm.

We were then handed some sticks to somehow communicate with the lions, as one of the rules stated they did not respond to voices or their own names, this just meant safety rules needed to be taken serious. So some of the instructions of the stick given where for instances where if the lion looks back at you when you are touching it, you raise your hand and point the stick at the lion’s mouth and the lion would play with the stick in the mouth.

The lions were let loose and there I was standing face to face with the king of the jungle making direct eye contact with an animal you never want to meet just carrying a mare stick in the wild. The feeling is indescribable.

My first touch of the lions and boom! I forgot their names. I was so scared and nervous. With my nerves easing through every stroke of the lion I enjoyed the experience of being in the presence of the mighty and powerful lion.

The levels of adrenaline I had flowing in my bloodstream was addictive. Every time I relive this moment my heart pounds a little bit harder. Why not visit the Mukuni big five safaris and share your experience?

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