1. Each like, comment and share on the show’s Facebook page will be attributed as a point (1 point each) to the author.
  2. Each comment on the website on the blogs will be attributed to the author as 10 points per unique comment.
  3. Each unique blog published will draw 100 points each, attributed to the author.
  4. Each vote from the contest page will count as 1 point attributed to the contestant
  5. Plagiarism is prohibited. No point will be given for any blog whose content in part or in whole has been lifted from another author’s or contestant’s write up or blog on the website.

The Challenge

The whole challenge constitutes experiencing Livingstone’s travel and tourism offerings and blogging about those experiences.

Contestants will get points from

  1. The number of blogs the write (100 points per blog)
  2. The number of comments on the blogs on the show’s website (10 points per comment)
  3. The number of like, shares, and comments on the shows Facebook page (1 point per like, share, or comment)
  4. The number of likes shares and comments on the contestants Facebook profile or page, twitter account, or Instagram account, on posts that are also published on the show’s Facebook page.