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My name is Phebby Shangozi. A 27 years young energetic Zambian who resides in Lusaka, and currently working as a Call center agent for Ison BPO, a company managing MTN Zambia LTD call center.


I hold a Diploma in Public Administration from National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA). I also aspire to pursue studies in Social and Community work because of my passion to help other people.


My Goals in life are to be successful in my career as a Public Administrator and inspire others to accomplish their dreams. Because I believe anything can be achieved with determination and hard-work.


My interest include travelling, cooking, making new friends and learning about other cultures. I love to travel because it helps me to appreciate the diversity of my country and the outside world. It helps me understand depths of other cultures and makes me appreciate the beauty of shared opinion and common goals.

Being immersed in different cultures has helped me to appreciate who I am as a person, my culture and home country. This has also helped me accept and respect other cultures and their way of life to that fact. That, we can all live in peace and harmony if we accepted one another the way we are ‘Diverse’. I have also learnt a great deal of things, starting from ceremonies, marriages, Christianity Faiths, Family and so many other things beyond my culture.

Tourism is one of my interests because of the opportunities availed to me in my previous employment. I was involved in several UN tasks on a particular project some 5 years ago. My work among others included; organizing work camps for UNESCO’s World Heritage Volunteers program in Partnership with the National Heritage Conservative commission (NHCC) between 2009-2013. My responsibilities included among others; advertising the 2 week projects to our European, American and Asian partners and coordinating the volunteers who came to work at these sites. We worked at the Victoria Falls and Ing’ombe ilede in Southern Province.

This work inspired me to develop interest in tourism and how it adds value to the Country, further more it gave me an insight on how tourism is marketed and can be improved. Zambia has a potential to be the tourist destination because of the fact that we are a warm, peaceful and friendly nation with so much to offer in terms of wild life and rich heritage.

With a growing trend in Social Media, this can be a platform to showcase how reach tourism sites are in Zambia. With the reduction in data bundles by Telecommunication Operators by approximately 80%. Internet is being widely used with easy access and more people are now able to afford internet services as opposed to sending SMS which has since lost its value and purpose as more people move to Social Media. Mostly used services on the internet include but, not limited to; Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp although, most people prefer the Facebook platform which has a huge following with almost every Teenager and youth registered and actively participating in various social and business activities. People are able to showcase their interest both locally and internationally on Facebook. Few people will have time to visit websites due to busy work scheduled but, will always find time to check in to Facebook during lunch time and less busy hours or on their way to homes after work on a Public transport. We have so many places to showcase in Zambia such as the Northern Circuit, Liuwa National Park and plains, lower Zambezi and other interesting places.


Social Media has potential to reach the target market because of the growing trends among the youths and middle aged grouped who have equally joined the social trends. This can be a powerful tool to market Tourism in Zambia. I know Zambians love adventures and fun, with the right advertising, added value for money (Wifi availability in guest houses, traditional attires, Artistic Sculptures and, affordable accommodation for guests. I have confidence Zambia can soar to greater heights in the tourism sector.

I believe in my Country and I think it’s the best place to be, a beautiful African nation rich with mineral resources and unique cultural history. We can be the epitome of tourism.


I am Phebby Shangozi aka Fesha, I am Tourism!!


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  1. carol koko nampungwe

    congratulations love you ve my support

  2. Kabwe Malimba

    Phebby is a friend and work mate of mine and i think she is a great contestant for the show.I wish her success throughout this process.Go get them Fesha!

  3. blessings musakanya

    congrats phebby….you have my vote…its team fesha till the end

  4. Chilufya Mulenga

    Congratulations Phebby!! You got this

  5. vivian

    you have my support
    love you girl

  6. Rachel

    Go Go girl, you have my support

  7. Innocent

    So wonderful to see you taking part in this program i believe you got what it takes to win it all.You have my 101% support.

  8. Innocent

    So wonderful to see you,taking par in wonderful program in i believe you have all it takes to win it all by marketing our country and represent us the best way.You have my 101% support all the best.

  9. lestaire kayz

    my full support all the way

  10. mataa mushewa

    i so very much believe in your because your have an inspiration many to not only dream and wait but to dream and live the dream, you have my 101% support.Go Fesha! go fesha!

  11. Namatama Mulikelela

    I wish you the very best. You have always been an inspiration and you will definitely make it. Team Fesha all the way!

  12. Racheal

    Go girl do your thing be yourself,put God first remember we are all behind you.Team Fesha until we are crowned tourism ambassador

  13. Racheal

    Go girl Team fesha until we are crowned tourism ambassador we God before us with him we can do all things including this one you have the all family behind you girl

  14. Danny

    Go get them Phebby

  15. David Michelo

    all the best time to shine

  16. Precious

    i am solidly behind you #team fesha all the way

  17. Precious

    go phebby, we love you!!!!!

  18. chimwemwe musendo

    congratulations phebby you have my support

  19. johnson

    its a good thing you’re moving to the next level and that suits you,

  20. johnson

    i am voting for you

  21. johnson

    Congratulations to you phebby

  22. congratulations ,,,,,,,,,, phebby you have my vote and all the best

  23. lester

    keep shinning, keep exploring! I’m behind you

  24. lester

    congrats and wish you the very best all the way!

  25. Ennie mwanku

    wishing you all the best dear you have my vote and God will see you through.

  26. Charity m zulu

    All the best girlfriend, you have my vote

  27. Naomi

    congratulations phebby its fesha all the way. You have my support all the best

  28. Steven Rhema

    Your determination is like no other and your burning passion in community work and marketing your country is what sets you me a favor and believe in this statement “You are the best in this ”
    Go get them my sister.

  29. dorcas kalasa

    go phebby my vote is on u i will b voting 24\7

  30. Congratulations ima, we wish you all the best.

  31. Olipa Ndeketeya

    Sweety u gat my vote can’t wait to celebrate. See u on top

  32. Nah Gee-Shangozhi

    My baby sis,my pride, my all weather buddy!! Gives me greatest pride ever to see u chasing yo dreams one by one!! As u embark on this, Remember these words;
    I believe in you!!!!!!

  33. Judee Val

    Wishing you all the best. you have my vote

  34. mwewa mwimwi

    its team fesha all the have my vote luv

  35. Dr ben surah

    Give credit where It’s due, for me you`re the best am following this program because of you wishing you all the best

  36. Chisha

    We believe in you and you are the best contestant for this Ambassadorship, all the best girl we have your back…with love #Chisha xoxo

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