Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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Hello there, I hope you are all doing fine and enjoying the ‘tour life’ like I am. First and foremost we all know Livingstone is known for its mighty Victoria Falls, national parks, museums, exotic parks, arts and crafts, the people and lastly the ecstatic hotels and lodges and that’s exactly why I decided to share my experience with ‘Ngoma Zanga’ lodge.

Ngoma Zanga lodge is owned by Zambian legend, veteran singer Jane Osborne who has given us major hits like ‘Sunganileke’ ‘Banono’ etc (isn’t it just amazing that Jane Osborne is the owner and well let’s not forget how gorgeous she still looks!). The lodge was opened in 2016, located in the tourist capital and provides deluxe singles, double singles, doubles, twins, triples and family accommodation definitely ideal for every traveler out there. Like you, I wondered what ‘Ngoma Zanga’ really means and what perhaps inspired the name.

Like the conscious tourist that I am (lol) I discovered that the name means ‘The drum’ which is an important instrument in our culture and did I mention its Jane Osborne’s favorite instrument. Ngoma Zanga amazed me with the breath taking scenery, extremely awesome hospitality and their kind manager Sonile Tembo simply adds a breath of fresh air! The entire staff is friendly and ready to serve you, like they did for me. They offer a variety of foods on their menu but I urge you to try the delicious traditional food that took me back to my grandmother’s house. Relieving those hidden precious moments made me love Ngoma Zanga lodge even more.

Ngoma Zanga Policies are extremely pleasant and their clientele is growing robustly. I got an opportunity to speak to Ronald Puhra, a tourist who mentioned to me that it was actually his first time in Zambia and he loves the place, the people, and his stay at Ngoma Zanga lodge is simply nothing but pleasant and perfect for him.

Did I mention the lodge has magnificent traditional artifacts, the rooms are outstanding, the beddings and the comfortable beds are impeccable. The pool!! My goodness, it made me want to stay here forever.
I recommend and encourage you to experience everything about Ngoma Zanga.

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