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Namutenga Kalunga is a youthful 30 year old with an avert love for life. She is Christian, loving mother of one, a dutiful wife to a loving husband and is a trained Journalist with Public Relations and advertising. A firm believer of a thought that the only way to development our beloved Zambia is by changing the mindset of oneself from relying on others to taking ownership.

Having had a colorful upbringing Namutenga has lived in Lusaka, Kabwe and is currently residing in her birth town of Chingola on the Copperbelt (mwana Kopala), a town which was once revered as the cleanest town in Zambia, a position which through her advocacy of mind change she believe the town will win back. Namutenga is currently working on a document that will address the issue of waste management is her quest to supplement government’s effort of fighting water borne diseases like cholera.

Moving mainly along the line of rail Namutenga has learnt at different school at which her leadership quality where enhanced and put to use by school authorities who entrusted her with leadership positions from a tender age. Having been always one to speak for the voiceless in any environment Namutenga thought of studying journalism as a means to do that. She has worked and has been attached to a number of organizations like Zambezi airline as a trainee cabin crew attendant, held leadership positions at different radio stations in her home town.

Namutenga is a loyal friend, bubbly fun loving, witty, funny, and adventurous and adrenaline seeker who believes life is meant to be lived.

“Don’t stop to live your life as a lady just because you are married with children, have fun be joyful and by doing so you will look young and fresh for a long time” wise words from  my husband that I live by.

20 thoughts on “Namutenga Kalunga

  1. Alice Nachilembe

    Namutenga rocks. looking great dear

  2. Linnety

    Namutenga looks splendid..go girl😍

  3. Manase

    Tenga you roccccccckkkkk.

  4. Maimbo

    Wow, lovely profile and inspirating

  5. Lawrence Chilambe

    Wow…Its really a great achievement u have scored. May the Lord continue guiding and protect u in Jesus Christ name.

  6. Brichons

    I have no doubt in your potential super Namu. Your brilliance in doing great things will always take you bro great heights lamuz. I know you deserve this… goGetIt!

  7. Priscilla Chaila

    Nice one and you are looking beautiful my friend

  8. Luwi

    Awesome profile.
    You have always been so brilliant,radiant and graceful.You are a great inspiration to young people like me. Keep glowing!

  9. Changwe

    Nice one, You are destined for greatness!!

  10. Pande

    Wow! Fresh looks
    Destined for greatness.

  11. looks so awesome and sounds so determined about promoting Zambia’s tourism industry, such a young lady with so ambitions in seeing Chingola return its once status of bring the cleanest town in Zambia.. go for it girl

  12. Misheck

    Wonderful profile!

  13. Chilambwe

    Very mature.Team Tenga all the way!!!! #TengaMoney #mwanakopala

  14. Chitalu mwenya

    Namutenga! Soo soo Beautiful

  15. namutenga rolling and rocking all the way

  16. Mwape Mutanuka

    Wow Namutenga Kalunga has a unique personality

  17. Bwale Mutanuka


  18. Mwape Mutanuka


  19. Kape Ndah

    Iron lady Namutenga. Mature, calm, hard,
    Loyal, working and mostly honest.

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