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Munga Eco Lodge – Tranquil and beauty

Munga eco lodge espouses the idea of untouched nature. It is an awesome place for thinking, writing, or just resting. The design of the bar, and of the sitting area truly brings you to appreciating creativity and sensitivity to the need for a peaceful tranquil environment. Sometimes you do not even realize that you needed something until it is given to you.

The rooms are spacious, clean, and a work of art. There are several types of rooms though. The tranquil lodge located in the southern side of Livingstone is a haven of beauty. The owners, Dr and Mrs. Sikaneta, are committed to offering lodging services in a fully ecofriendly environment. They are ever so friendly, and they provides us with a personalized service.

This stone bath was carved out by local Zambian people with Zambian stones and resources.

You need to visit Munga Eco Lodge. Not only are you healing your soul, you are healing the planet. This place is everything.

Beauty, silence, and an overabundance of nature simply sweetly overwhelms you and envelops your emotions in awe. I would do anything to go back to Munga Eco Lodge repeatedly.

14 thoughts on “Munga Eco Lodge – Tranquil and beauty

  1. Jacob

    I love the fact that the stone bath is 100% zambian…it brings out our creative minds…i would love a bath there with a Zambian queen.

  2. Timothy Mutale

    Intresting Piece, very authentic. When people think of the Livingston the just think vic Falls and accommodation that doesn’t have any African/Zambian Print on it. I feel this piece of information will attract potential tourists.
    Great work here, This is Diversity.

  3. ardino mulenga

    Nice initiative

  4. Chandra mubiana

    Not only are you healing your soul but the planet also! That statement made me smile because you are talking about a paradise just in my backyard. I hope we can take advantage of your work and that the outside world gets to see what zambia has to offer.Continue your good work and let your critics learn from you.

  5. ardino mulenga

    Wow! It’s a good one keep the fire burning

  6. Noel

    This place looks wonderful and amazing a place.keeep it up

  7. Noel Ukwimi

    This place is unique

  8. Peter

    Is this the place you took that gorgeous photo in the tab. Zambians are just pretenders. I have seen worse on ZNBC with those cleo adverts. Keep your head up and tell the owners of that place that I will be coming to sleep over at that place of tranquility and calmness

  9. Kenny mapulanga

    Little did I knew that such beautiful place exists in our country, bring some more articles my dear

  10. Cletus

    Okay nice place to relux with family.

  11. Revelations Phigo

    The place looks wonderful, go mama show the world how beautiful our mother Zambia is. All the best Iris!

  12. Jamali

    Continue your good work, you have a lot to offer. This is very good.

  13. Clinton njovu

    go on gel, u got our support..

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