Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Many Zambians hardly visit the village anymore, now this experience needs to be shared. This is an amazing way to learn about the Zambian tradition and heritage.

We arrived at the village as expected guest at the village headwoman’s home where we observed the tradition of men sitting on wooden benches and women sitting on patched sacks the way it’s still observed in villages. We were presented a traditional meal that consisted of a sorghum Nshima, chicken and Chungu a vegetable in groundnuts which I was told is chief Mukuni favourite dish. Felt so honouring to test something the chief eats. Our meal ended with a maize meal brew of Munkoyo. My favourite part of the meal was the chicken. I love chicken.

After the meal we went to a big flaming fire where stories were told games where played and dances where performed. Being part of this whole experience brought the child in me to tears of joy. I loved every minute I spent with all the local people of the village.

Being under the beautiful sky of a bright moon that lit up the night and millions of stars to gaze the experience at Matongo village should never just be told but experienced.

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