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Maramba River Lodge – A stay in the wild

The Maramba river is infested with crocodiles and hippos. Around the lodge you will find elephants and a very wild variety of birds, without a doubt the best thing about the river lodge. When we checked into the Maramba River Lodge I didn’t know what to expect. But this unfolded rather so wonderfully for us. The expectation to see these wild animals in the river, on a rather luxurious banks at the lodge gives a unique experience.

As the team lodged there, we enjoyed a dinner prepared by a local chef, served with red wine, and set outdoors in the wild. Nothing could be more memorable.

Maramba River lodge is a setting of luxurious tents located 4km from the Victoria falls. located right on the banks of the Maramba River.

The accommodation is available all year round. The lodge offers a good number of tours that can be booked at the activities center. Accommodation comes in the following specifics: Luxury Tents $64-$167, Chalets: $94-$198, Safari tents: $76-$107, Dome tents: $43-$61all rooms rates are per night.

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