Thursday, August 22, 2019
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So we had an experience of real camping at Maramba river lodge, like the whole package of camping: sleeping in tents, cooking on firewood, staying like 500m from Maramba River which is infested with Hippos, Crocodiles and monkeys.

Maramba River Lodge hosted us for two nights for the adventurous experience. And the experience was awesome and if you would want to have a camp in Livingstone.

Maramba river lodge would be very ideal for your camping. Try them you will definitely have the best camping experience ever.



13 thoughts on “Maramba River Lodge

  1. This would be a great place for church camping

  2. chilufya mulenga

    Simply amazing. Perfect place to bring wife and kids

  3. Namangolwa

    Me and my friends want to go camping in Livingstone, we will definately go to Maramba river lodge…thanks to your article


    Wow camping near the river..sounds very exciting

  5. Elbie

    I love the camping set up, camping at the banks of a river very adventurers

  6. Mataa

    We are definately going there with my friends for a camp

  7. Dorcas

    Sounds very adventurers

  8. Chisha

    I want to try this wow

  9. Roy

    Quiet insightful article i will definately visit this lodge

  10. Mulela

    I need to experience this awesome experience

  11. Hope

    Nice write up Fesha, keep it up

  12. Dodo

    My next camping site

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