Tuesday, September 24, 2019
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Going into a museum is like going to an unknown land to discover treasures. Not only can you learn so much from visiting a museum, it’s extremely fun.

My visit at the Livingstone museum was like an adventure back in time. The museum is set up in sections that tell a particular story like the evolution of man, wildlife and history of Zambian society.
There’s so much to see and learn my feet couldn’t keep up. I remember taking several stops to seat and rest, but I continued my adventure and I did have a wonderful time discovering all the treasures of the museum.

A great place to visit to up your knowledge on not only Livingstone but the entire history of man’s evolution and the history and heritage of our country Zambia.
This is a great hit for family fun and adventure seeking people. Visit the Livingstone museum and you will be thanking me later.

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