Sunday, July 21, 2019
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The Jewish museum a not a large place, but the amount of information stored in this museum amazing. Begin one of the two Jewish museums in Africa the other being in cape town, south Africa, it was a great privilege to have visited the museum.

Before the visit I always wondered why with the coming of different religious settlers we never had Zambian Jews, well a fact I learnt from the museum showed that the Jews practised their region in small groups of family and other Jewish settlers who settled in Livingstone giving little chance for Africans to join.

The Jews being the very first people to set up groceries shops in the town of Livingstone hold great value to the history of Livingstone and all this is shared in the museum.
Pay the museum a visit and discover which of the stores in Livingstone still stand as a result of the Jewish settlers in Livingstone. Jewish museum where many facts await your discovery.

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