Tuesday, September 24, 2019
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My name is Iris Kaingu. Some people consider me a socialite. I am simply a woman that loves to live my life to the full and give hope to those around me. I have a massive following on Facebook and Instagram and my twitter platform is following suit.

I studied Business Management and further obtained a Masters Degree in Marketing among other academic qualifications. I have experienced tourism both locally and abroad in the UK and in Malaysia. I have experience working as a manager for Kozo Lodges as well as a supervisor for a Travel and Tours business, something that I believe gives me leverage. I believe I will make a great Tourism Ambassador because not only do I have a strong following, I also understand tourism and I can use both my popularity and my knowledge to promote Zambia’s tourism.

Popularity is a head crown. But I am ready to use it as a tool to contribute to promoting tourism and increasing tourist arrivals in Zambia. That is why I am on this show, to lift Livingstone’s and Zambia’s tourism profile through social media and TV.

Follow my activities and cameos on the Tourism Reality Show and I am sure to entertain you. You can also follow me on twitter @iriiisss_

You can like my facebook page Iris Kaingu. My Instagram is officialiriskaingu.

Looking forward to interacting with you on all these platforms and on the Tourism Reality TV Show.

4 thoughts on “Iris Kaingu

  1. Beth

    I love Iris and she deserves to win

  2. Mutinta

    Our tourism ambassador 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  3. Nsemu Kelvin

    Iris has the passion. Iris understands tourism better and what it takes. Iris, I feel ur more open minded and exposed compared to other cotesters. You are pressure free and you are an Engine of this particular competition.

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