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I am huge on adrenaline! Before and during the Livingstone Tour I have been so privileged to enjoy some of the best activities that Livingstone has to offer.

I have gone on helicopter rides through the gorge over the falls twice. I have gorge swag. I have even done the bungee jump. But I had never walked with the big cats.

Livingstone is home to the Mukuni Big 5 who provide this awesome experience at a reasonable charge. This is the part where I actually acknowledge that they are one of the few operators who have a lower rate for domestic tourists. So, if you are from within Zambia you will get to pay much less than our visitors from abroad. But you still get to have the same exact experience.

So, I got my chance to walk with the lions. And needless to say, I still feel goose bumps when I think about it. The experience was the best thing yet! Terrifying but more so worth the while. I dare you to bot up your courage and go and take a walk with the lions at the Mukuni Big 5.

40 thoughts on “I walked with the Lions – Iris Kaingu

  1. Samson Banda

    Very interesting article keep up the good work

  2. Taurai

    You try and feed them next time… Lol from a distance please…!!

  3. Luke

    Nice Article And Lovely Pic

  4. Noel Ukwimi

    Zambia the realest Africa.

  5. Ratidzai Faith Likelenge

    Very interesting…We are behind you girlie😊

  6. Joyce

    You are the best Iris. I admire your courage. You deserve to win this

  7. Peter

    This courage is amazing. You are not a ka chick whose just fond of doing nails. You are a hardworking woman and this country one day will apologise for demonising you

  8. Dan Boyd.

    Am loving that Iris. Let’s help each other open up our rich culture to the outside world. Put our country on the world map. Keep up the pace girl!

  9. bert

    u r so brave iris hoping u win this

  10. Kenny mapulanga

    Very encouraging, keep it up

  11. Kenny mapulanga

    Very encouraging keep it up

  12. Nsemu Kelvin

    it’s really amazing to see u striving towards the right direction of your beautiful destine my gal, all I can say u actually the best and you have my support. G!o Go! my gal zGo thousands and thousands already voted for u…

  13. Rodrick Mhlanga

    Wow, that’s lovely, all the best

  14. Mutale Simwaka

    It takes courage to do that. Keep it up. We are behind you IK.

  15. Tabalwi Mudenda

    Thats lovely

  16. Fines Malambo

    Amazing courage keep it up.

  17. Stanley Junior Mwiinga

    really great adventure

  18. Stanley Junior Mwiinga

    lions! can’t believe it, you are so courageous and good that you managed to overcome the spirit to resist getting that close. big up.

  19. Stephen Walusiku

    Nice article

  20. Stephen Walusiku

    Great adventure

  21. Sydney sigaba

    Iris,you are simply the best.Very couragous young lady.

  22. kahimbi kaingu

    Well done.super proud of you.

  23. Abraham daka

    Lovely combination iris and the lions

  24. Eliud Likando

    So amazing walking with the big Cats.

  25. Nawa

    I like that my sister take Zambia to another level.

  26. Nawa

    I like it my dear take our country Zambia to another level.

  27. Cletus

    Nice pictures. I like it

  28. Astone banda

    Keep it going

  29. Felix Numba

    Mss kaingu is another.

  30. Revelations Phigo

    Thats not easy walking with the lions. Keep it up mama!

  31. Nawa

    That’s great keep it going

  32. Jamali

    Hey you are so brave

  33. Mutinta

    Amazing 😍😍

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