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Frank Sinyangwe, better known as Frank iRock Sinya, is a 23 year old Zambian singer, Song Writer, Recording/Performing Artist, Dancer, Choreographer and ZOCA Fitness Instructor. He’s a non-stop innovator who thrives on the challenge of creating new performance art and breaking the mold with cutting edge material generated at home, in the studio, with colleagues and even on the bus.

Brief Background and Experience
Born and raised in Lusaka, Frank showed signs of having the entertainer bug from a very young age – often staging song and dance shows for his family and friends in his early years. Frank was determined to teach himself music and dance, including learning to play the guitar on his own, and he developed his own notable style through his teenage years. In addition to building his creative talents, Frank worked as an IT assistant shortly after completing High School. He is no stranger to discipline, hard work and elbow grease – having worked as a cahier of a coffee shop, where he was promoted to supervisor and eventually manager because of his dedication to excellence and trustworthiness.

Named one of Zambia’s best dances in 2013 by the UK/Zambia magazine, The Post and Daily mail Newspaper under the OperaZ Zambia, Frank has worked with various Zambian Artists like Salma Sky, Muso Meyers, Cleo IceQueen and Kuni to name a few. As a Dancer, Choreographer and music featuring artist, he has performed at the intercontinental Hotel, Bongwe’s, Portico, Casa Portico and other local hotspots. Frank is known for lighting up the stage and giving the audience positive energy from his soul, and off stage, he is usually entertaining his friends.

Aside from performances, Frank teaches ZOCA dance fitness lessons to both adults and children in Lusaka, and

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  1. Wakku

    A vibrant young man who is involved with his community through his talents…

  2. Wakku nawa

    A vibrant young man who is involved with his community through his talents…

  3. Frank Sinya we see you!!! All the best man.

  4. Frank IRock Sinya oh my this is awesome.
    Every time I come to Zambia you are the life of the party am glad you’ve taken this step my tour guide. 😊

  5. Twabe

    Frank Sinya i see you…

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