Monday, December 16, 2019
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During the Livingstone tour, we had an opportunity of going to one of Livingstone’s oldest night club…Fairmount night club.
The club is situated along Mosi-O-tunya road, in between Mukuni park and Flavours Pub & Grill.
This is one of the best clubs in Livingstone. The club has a big dance floor with aircons that work such that nomatter how many times you get to dance you will not sweat at all. The Djs have the best selection of music that can keep you dancing all night long. The club is filled with all types of people, like local & international tourists and the local Livingstone residents which makes it a great place to mingle from. The management & staff workers are great and very quick to attend to clients.
My experience at this club was just perfect. The club is believed to be the King of clubs in Livingstone. So a night out (Clubbing) in the tourist city is incomplete if you dnt go to club Fairmount so make sure to go to this club every time you are in Livingstone because for me this will be my must clubbing place every time I’m in Livingstone.


8 thoughts on “Fairmount Night Club

  1. Lubinda

    True that,,,this is the right place to mingle with local Livingstone residents

  2. Gershom

    My favourite jiving spot

  3. Gwen

    I will go there next time i’m in Livingstone

  4. Chilufya

    Thanks for the information

  5. Mirriam

    Great review of a great club

  6. Chiko

    Added on my to visit places next time i’m in Livingstone

  7. Veronica

    My all favourite club everytime i’m in Livingstone

  8. Sandra

    If you have gone out clubbing in L/stone and you have not gone to Faimount night club then your clubbing was not complete

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