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This this where they buried Chief Siamachoka or Chief Mukuni VII, He lived and reigned some hundreds of years ago. he grew old as a chief and became rather ruthless because of his old age,Chief Siamachoka wasn’t meek and fair in his judgements anymore and had many of his subjects killed. The only way to replace him was to kill him.

Legend has it that they tried poisoning him more than once and many other things but nothing worked and nothing seemed to be potent enough to kill him.

So they opted for burying him alive right here and after they buried him here he finally died.
later on they moved his remains to the traditional burial place for Chiefs.

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35 thoughts on “Death Defied

  1. Bupe

    Oh my. So much we can learn from history.

  2. Sheba Chintu

    Really sad story looks like the trend to overstay in power is from long ago. Nothing new under the sun indeed. Thank goodness the Democratic process in Zambia still works. We don’t have to resort to extreme measures for the sake of peace.

  3. Kaimba

    Wow we learn something new everyday

  4. Musengo Lihonde


  5. Chulu Nathan

    A sad example from the past but worth considering. Thank you for the reminder of facts from the past.

  6. Sarah

    What???😬 That was rather harsh how could people bury a person alI’ve? Am amazed! ! Now it appears that even the subjects became just as cruel and heartless as their chief.

    It’s a wonder that even concocted poisons could not kill him means his heart was really bad yeah..

    What a sad way to die though😯😯

  7. Muna Lu

    Learned something new

  8. Denton

    Seems the thing of leader clinching on to power started way back

  9. Daisy

    Yangu…benze brutal. Couldn’t they just wait for him to die from old age.

  10. Katuta Sichilongo

    Teaches about power and what it could do if it gets to you. Interesting story and mystery. Our Country always keeps us engaged!

  11. Yvette Chomba

    I had no idea.. Really sad.

  12. Brian Nyoni

    Wow . Such rich and sad history. This would make a good movie at the same time keeping the history alive for future generations

  13. Chiwala Chisanga

    Wait what?!! Wow…
    His death must have been slow and painful. I wouldn’t want to imagine just what went down in the ground before he finally died.
    Its quite unfortunate that some leaders want to hold on to power like that.

  14. Prudence

    Wow sad story. Those people where cruel, how can they bury a live person. He died a sad death.

  15. Emmanuel

    Where was he buried alive? Was it in the now called Mosi-oa-tunya national park? This man seems to have been a tough one. Interesting history!

  16. Ingrid mvula

    Hmmmm Good history, wish such was also taught in schools mwe

  17. Teddy

    I had no idea Chief Mukuni, the current one, was not the first. Seeing that there are others before him gives us much history to discover and talk about.
    These facts must be introduced into our carriculumn at primary schools

  18. Kaz

    Very rich history indeed… I wonder how we can get that to everyone since we no longer have our traditional grandmas story telling 🤔

  19. Mapalo Chisanga

    Eish.. Why would someone be so selfish even when he’s no longer capable. It’s sad that he had to die like that.

  20. lucia Chisanga

    Such a sad death but he kinda earned it..
    He was an evil king

  21. Twiza

    Ministry of education should put this in the syllabus..

  22. lisa

    we need such history to be preserved and even taught in schools…

  23. Katuta Sichilongo

    This place need INDIANA JONES!

  24. Katuta Sichilongo

    These tales should be marketed more so that we go out with them readily in our pockets and pass them down generations. These tales are who we are!

  25. Katuta Sichilongo

    I can’t imagine the experience of actually being present there. Would you say it builds fear you or more of curiosity?

  26. Raymond Simfukwe

    Rich cultural history

  27. Marian Chanda Kapambwe

    Sad sad story eish.they were cruel!!!!!

  28. Muna Lu

    Very nice history.

  29. Never heard of this learning so much

  30. Sheba Chintu

    Enze mwana wa mukulu lol

  31. mwila

    history right here. wonder why such is not taught in school.

  32. This hunger for power is really sad.

  33. Chillies

    WTH…..that’s just cruel

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