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This is a slow fashion movement with a mission of creating a meaningful industry for all the people involved. This is done by providing vocational training and viable job opportunities. Wayawaya in local language means "the art of wasting time". This movement has been created to help women and girls

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Art is amazing

Art is amazing and I really enjoy seeing the unrestrained creativity of different talented people. Fortunately I had the privilege of visiting an Art Gallery for the very first time in my life and even more fortunate my first Art gallery happened to be The Livingstone Art Gallery. Inside I

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During the Livingstone tour, we visited the WAYAWAYA shop at Jolly boys backpackers. We had the opportunity to take a look at the range of products and learned about the WAYAWAYA project, WAYAWAYA means "The art of wasting time" in the Zambian local language. WAYAWAYA empowers Zambian women without formal

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