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An Epitome of Cultural Heritage – Maramba Cultural Village

If there is a place in Livingstone where culture is best embodied, it is at the Maramba Cultural Village. This facility was designed to replicate the life one would normally experience in the village ranging from cultural food preparation, curio art and trade, cultural storytelling, folklore music, learning about one’s tradition and cultural dancing among others. This village has hosted notable programs that have been part of big events like the Livingstone International Cultural & Arts Festival (LICAF) and the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) General Assembly among others.

The Cultural Village has also seen the likes of the classic Mosi-Oa-Tunya Band, the distinguished Zambia National Dance Troupe and other international and local artists/groups perform there. For others it is an occasional entertainment field but to the Zambia National Dance Troupe, it is home. The group provides regular cultural entertainment on weekends and public holidays in the afternoon. The ensemble comprises a rich blend of individuals hailing from different parts of Zambia; each upholding a unique custom. They bring their cultural knowledge and energies together to truly make the place a hub of learning and preserving culture.

I had a great time learning about the Lozi tradition and the meaning behind some of the dances. The best part of it was learning how to perform a particular Lozi dance in minutes and actually performing a few moments later. Proudly clad in the attire of my tribe, I set out to dance and I enjoyed every moment of it! The next time you are in Livingstone, visit the Maramba Cultural Village and experience Zambia’s living culture! For Livingstone residents, take time to appreciate the Zambia National Dance Troupe by viewing their live performances every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 15:00-17:00 hours.

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