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A Gallery Within A Lodge-Ngoma Zanga Lodge

Ngoma Zanga lodge is a lodge which offers great services to its guests with an authentic African concept which makes you feel like you are staying in an Art gallery with irresistible swimming pool.

Had an opportunity of meeting with the proprietor of the lodge (Jane Osborne)Her smile and welcoming attitude will sweep off your feet.& informative person. Ngoma Zanga which means “My drums” inspired by the owner who has love for African drums and African music.

The staff members are very tender welcoming with that great Zambian smile and so helpful.The services in this place is top class.Coming to entertainment do not forget the owner happens to be a multi award music winner so she knows how to keep entertained inside out. If you want accomodation in Livingstone i say go to Ngoma Zanga Lodge for you shall be received with open arms or if you already in Livingstone or coming you will have the best time of your life at Ngoma Zanga Lodge. #LivingstoneTour

14 thoughts on “A Gallery Within A Lodge-Ngoma Zanga Lodge

  1. chilufya mulenga

    Love the African setup at this lodge.

  2. lol the food looks so good lol

  3. Dorcas

    I’m in love with swimming pool wow…i will definately visit Ngoma Zanga one of these weekends i’m in the city

  4. Mataa

    I’m curious to see the set up of this lodge, a Gallery in a lodge wow that is really interesting

  5. Elbie

    I love drums (MUSIC) this lodge would be every ideal for me


    The owner being a musician, it must very entertaining at her lodge i will definately visit the lodge

  7. Namangolwa

    Thanks for the insightful information

  8. Lavender

    It seems like a very peaceful and calm lodge i need to go there for my relaxation

  9. Chunga

    The owner is very creative just like her music, i’m in love with use of the mbaula’s

  10. Phebby

    Thank you all but you guys need to visit this Lodge soon it’s just so beautiful

  11. Chiko

    Livingstone really have beautiful lodges wow nowonder it is easy to find accomodation

  12. Mary

    Wow you are really doing a good job keep it up

  13. Hope

    My next accommodation while in the tourist city

  14. Mulela

    The view of the swimming pool is just breath taking

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