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A fun night out at Limpos Pub and Grill

Located in the heart of Livingstone town is Limpo’s pub & grill, a place offering the best of Livingstone nightlife and live performances.

The staff and local residents u meet at Limpos are so welcoming that they make u want to visit Limpos every time u are in Livingstone. They also offer some of the best meals in town irrespective of what hour of night it may be.

For the best live performances from the best artists the country has to offer while u are in Livingstone, Limpos pub and grill is the place to be as it has a big enough stage and some of the best sound systems to hear all songs crystal clear.

If you intend to jive your night out to the latest local and international tunes, worry not as Limpos has a separate club and dance floor where the resident DJ spins and mixes all your favorites to the satisfaction of all.

A night out never felt so welcoming like walking into Limpos pub and grill and pouncing on the exquisite sounds of the legendary Sakala Brothers and the songbird Angela Nyirenda as they belt out all their classics live and professionally.

Not only that, our fellow contestant Viola gave us a surprise performance with an excellent rendition of some golden oldies classics much to thrill of all the patrons.

A visit to Livingstone is incomplete without experience the joys and thrills of Limpos pub and grill. I personally recommend that u pay them a visit next time u are in Livingstone and u want to have a fan night out.

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  1. Peter

    My kind of place the way i enjoy live music, beautiful piece of information

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    I will go there next time i’m in Livingstone

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    Very ideal place a meal can be saved even at any time wow

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    Good to know even in Livingstone they have a place we can enjoy live music performances

  6. Lily

    My next chill spot next time i’m in Livingstone

  7. Lisa

    Thanks for the directions, i will definately visit the place next time i’m in Livingstone

  8. Mate

    So i can take my parents out at Limpos while they enjoy Live music i can be inside on the dance enjoying the music being played by the Dj,,,awesome place it’s like a two one place

  9. Susan

    Thanks for the information about this nice place

  10. Ngombo

    So there is a musician amongest you guys it’s a full of package huh

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